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Thermal machine/oven factory

Thermal oven
Italian made Sacmi Forni thermal oven 60 meters long, tunnel opening 4 square meters (2 * 2), aftermarket locomotives, automatic transmission, diesel and gas equipped, access to 900 degrees Celsius, electric control panel, suitable for porcelain factories, ceramics, bathroom sets , Sanitary ware, brick, concrete block, any other industries, easy jaw and transport, possible development potential. Sacmi Forni has been one of the first in ceramic industry applying ergonomic approaches, functional design and “user friendly” interface. For years, Sacmi Forni cooperates with Isao Hosoe Design realizing industrial machinery able to “communicate” with operators. Sacmi Forni's core business is the design and production of thermal machines for the ceramics industry. Together with continuous Research and Technology investments, Sacmi Forni goes on giving opportunities to inner human resources. The added value of Sacmi Forni-Isao Hosoe projects is the working environment attention, the workers safety, the perceptive and appearance quality and the energy saving. This is an ideal opportunity to upscale your concrete block making and brick manufacturing business whilst offering the ability to diversify into porcelains and ceramics..Enquire now
Brand Sacmi forni
Company Concretingshop
Per Unit Size 1 per 60 metres
Price: USD 398,000.00 / 60 metres
60 metres

1 60 metres (Min. Order)

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Product unit 60 metres
Product Type Thermal Oven
Colour Grey