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Mobile concrete placing boom 15m

Mobile boom
Max. placing radius:15m Slewing: 360°, 0.2~0.3r/min Elevation angle: 0~90° Mobile concrete placing boom is reasonably designed, with stable and reliable structure, and the whole machine can be easily operated and flexibly turned due to its all direction and boom-type distributing structure, featuring character of high efficiency and energy-saving, as well as being economical and practical, etc. Features It can be placed according to needs of field pouring. Compact structure, light weight, and can be hoisted and transported as a whole. Flexible, widely use and applicable for complex construction site. Easy operation, safe and reliable, economical and practical.
Brand Co - nele
Company Concretingshop
Per Unit Size 1 per 15m
Price: USD 27,000.00 / 15m

1 15m (Min. Order)

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Product unit 15m
Product Type Mobile boom
Colour White