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Mix design software

SAVE MONEY AND TAKE THE HASSLE OUT OF YOUR CONCRETE MIX DESIGNS Start saving time and money when it comes to creating all the mix designs for your concrete plant or concreting business. Don’t worry about standard deviations anymore when creating your mix designs. Obtain above 95% accuracy when it comes to your concrete test results. Read these questions carefully: 1. Would you would like to use less cement for the concrete you make at your plant? 2. Would you would like to save water at your plant? 3. Do you need strong concrete but at times have poor raw materials? 4. Do you need to design a recipe quickly, but the engineer does not have enough time or there are no engineers available? 5. Would you would like to produce concrete at lower cost than a competitor does but maintaining the same quality? 6. Do you need better quality concrete at the same costs? 7. Would you like to use a software product that can complete your concrete mix design and do optimization at the same time? Hundreds of plants have already experienced massive cost savings from utilising this program. Not to mention the astounding accuracy. If you have answered yes to any of these questions, message me to start saving thousands in your concrete plant.. Make an enquiry Price negotiable
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