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Goulburn River Round

Decorative Pebbles
Need sand & decorative pebbles? If you are looking for the best quality sand in Australia & decorative pebbles from all colours of the rainbow, buy from Goulburn River sand & decorative pebbles. These magnificent sands & round decorative pebbles found on the rivers banks are renowned for their purity and aesthetic brilliance. The pebbles are blessed with all the colours of the rainbow. The reds, yellows and blue colours found within the Goulburn River pebbles are interspersed with an array of pink, white and grey pebbles, making them suitable for a myriad of landscaping and exposed aggregate applications. Driveways, footpaths, gardens and outdoor living areas are all vibrant homes for these colourful Goulburn River rocks. Being round in shape they are ideal for concreting, garden mulch, rock gardens, pot plants and a multitude of outdoor living purposes. Today you can purchase Goulburn River decorative pebbles & sands by phoning 0478230553 or +61478230553 (from overseas). Or email support@concretingshop.com where the product is sold per tonne at competitive ex bin prices. If you cannot pick up and would like the product trucked to you or shipped overseas for your upcoming project, that can be arranged. Ask for a free quote via email or concretingshop
Brand Goulburn river
Company Concretingshop
Per Unit Size 1 per Ton
Price: USD 20.00 / Ton

1 Ton (Min. Order)

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Product unit Ton
Product Type Exposed Aggregate
Stability Sound
Grade A