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Diesel concrete mixer pump 40m/h

Mixer pump
Output: 40m3/h Max. aggregate: 50mm Horizontal delivery: 300m Vertical delivery: 100m Concrete mixer pump is ideal equipment to transport concrete for large construction projects. Cement mixer pump combines the production and transportation of concrete together, which can realize the continuous transportation of concrete from sites to sites. Concrete mixing pump transports the concrete through pipes by making full use of pressures. Concrete mixer and pump can realize the horizontal and vertical transportation of concrete quickly and continuously, which will greatly improve the working efficiency of your construction projects.  Features and Advantages: 1. Its cleverly designed body can be operated easily and removed conveniently and flexibly. And it has stable performance; 2. It can mix by its own agitator. In harsh conditions, it has short auxiliary time to guarantee the mixing drag pump can operate perfectly. 3. The mixing pump adopts double-cylinder full hydraulic pumping system with convenient and efficient operation, quick pumping speed and high efficiency work; 4. It can be operated by one operator, because the automation degree is high. Equipped with remote control, it can be operated easily;  5. The hydraulic system greatly improves the overall reliability of mixing drag pump;  6. The whole machine was designed with economy, reliability, safety and durability to achieve fine motor performance and high equipment utilization rate.
Brand Co - nele
Company Concretingshop
Per Unit Size 1 per 40 m3/h
Price: USD 31,500.00 / 40 m3/h
40 m3/h

1 40 m3/h (Min. Order)

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Product unit 40 m3/h
Product Type Mixer pump
Colour Yellow