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Concrete pumps fleet

Concrete pumps
Ten concrete pumps for the price of one! Are you in the concreting industry and looking to get into concrete pumping? Do you need to expand your existing concrete pumping fleet? Here is your fleet. Nine Sany boom pumps in working condition and a Schwing line pump, the best there is, for only $1,000,000 USD. That's right, 10 pumps for only $1,000,000 USD. Being of the same make the booms are easy to work on and manage, with the addition of the Schwing line pump in good working condition as well. There is no large project, job or contract you have to say no to anymore. These SANY truck-mounted concrete pumps adopt 8 core technologies of one button stabilization, boom anti-vibration, energy saving, anti overswing, fault self diagnosis, safety, a smart boom system and highly wear resistant parts to ensure smooth pumping and safe operation. Fine production, rigorous tests and reliable components of world-renown brands guarantee your concrete pump with a reach of between 37 and 56 metres a long service life. The Mercedes Benz in which the trucks have relatively low km's and are in good order. All Built in 2007 and 2008 the boom and outrigger functions are ok with just a few oil leaks from the slewing gear & hyd cyl booms in need of repair. Priced to sell if this isn’t your style the booms are available singularly, but for a slightly higher rate, ranging from 37 to 56 metres in size. Ten concrete pumps for the price of one new one. Make an enquiry as this is a discounted price to sell and would make an ideal business.
Brand Sany
Company Concretingshop
Per Unit Size 10 pumps per 1
Price: USD 1,000,000.00 / 1

10 1 (Min. Order)

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Product unit 1
Product Type Concrete Pumps
Colour Yellow