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Concrete M200

Best quality М200 concrete шт Omsk city, Russia. The strength of this concrete allows you to use it for various construction work: pouring lightly loaded foundations, manufacturing concrete stairs, retaining walls, platforms, paths, pavement, road plates. Due to the attractive price ratio and strength, this brand is most often used for filling of the bases of dachas and garages. Make an enquiry here to check our availability and then select Buy Now and pay here for the M3 Quantity you require i.e., (6M3), for your next concreting project! We can send you the receipt and invoice confirmation of your booking.
Brand Омский бетон
Company Омский бетон
Per Unit Size 1 per M3
Price: USD 46.30 / M3

1 M3 (Min. Order)

We regret to inform you that, this product is not availble in your region for sale. Although you can request to make it available.

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Product unit M3
Product Type м200
Stability 15 years
Grade A+