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Caterpillar XQ2000 Diesel Genset Model M3516

Model M3516
Caterpillar Diesel genset. Model M3516, rating : 2000 KW, 2006 model The 3516 diesel generator sets have been developed to meet your continuous, standby and prime applications and match your power standards. Producing reliable power of 2000 kVA at 50 Hz, this generator set has been designed to meet ISO 8528-5 transient response requirements and accepts 100 percent rated load in one step. The 3516 generator set is designed for fuel efficiency, reducing operating costs. The integrated control system, including ATS and switchgear, ensures a consistent power supply and connection to your fleet through on-site and remote monitoring options.The EMCP 4.2 control panel, with a user-friendly interface, puts your management and diagnostic tools in one. The 3516 generator set is a quality outfit in good working condition for you can meet your specific power needs. Suitable for mines, railways, field sites, road traffic maintenance, factories, enterprises and hospitals Make an enquiry or just buy...
Brand Caterpillar
Company Concretingshop
Per Unit Size 1 per 2000kw
Price: USD 198,000.00 / 2000kw

1 2000kw (Min. Order)

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Product unit 2000kw
Product Type Generator
Colour White